Partners and Resources

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Check out these Partners, Friends and Favorite Resources of the Artful Fundraiser:

Robert Swaney Consulting, Inc. -RSC is a national provider of non-profit consulting. Check out our client results, profile, and blog as a source of inspiration and opportunity.

The Heart Matters – Stef K is a blogger, coach, leader and inspired human being. She won the first annual 317 Blog Off for 2016.

Bloomerang – The good people at Bloomerang are winning the day in developing affordable and scalable donor database solutions. They are also a terrific resource for the latest trends in fundraising and philanthropy.

Tom Ahern – Never met the guy, but with every fundraising communication, I ask, “What would Tom think about this?” His twitter feed is almost mystical in describing the required embrace of the donor’s needs and desires in your fundraising efforts.

Nonprofit with Balls – My favorite non-profit blog and a most needed voice in philanthropy. If you read one single resource regularly, make it NWB.

Donor by Design – My friends at Donor by Design do some of the best consulting work in the human service space, and have a practical blog. Worth a read.

Renee Harness – Renee is a builder of community and an advocate of organizational leadership and personal growth. And a great friend.

Lisa Sargent – Lisa is a vital resource to non-profits of all sizes, and excellent on Twitter. Check her out.

Michael Rosen Says – Michael is a consultant, blogger, and leader. I enjoy his twitter feed and his take-no-prisoners focus upon donor-centered best practice.

Adaptistration – The best source for the latest new and gossip in the Orchestra business. Always entertaining, with a good job site for the latest postings in our business

Pete the Planner – Personal investment and savings is critical for all of us. I want to present an organization with a $100,000 check someday, but I won’t get there without smart money management and a plan. Pete is the man, and reasonably clever to boot.

For What It’s Worth – Indiana University’s Michael Rushton is my favorite academic in Arts Administration. The economics of arts and culture are widely misunderstood (especially by me). Michael is doing interesting and important work.

Charitable Advisors – In the Central Indiana market, the go to resource for employment and the best source of news in the nonprofit sector is CA. Their weekly email is always worth a read.