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Letting it Go is easiest on Vacation (Neo Con edition).

My politics are fairly moderate, being an economic centrist and a social progressive. In 2008 I, like many of my fellow Hoosiers in Indiana, voted to reelect Mitch Daniels while also picking Obama, who became the first Democrat to win … Continue reading

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The time I paid $450 for this Frameable Certificate.

I am often asked by younger professionals about the Certified Fund Raising Professional designation, “Do you think it is worth it to get my CFRE?” they ask me. “Only if your employer is paying for it.” Why? For the initial … Continue reading

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Shut the Front Door: Profanity, Teamwork and Accomplishment

I grew up with Marines and then Stagehands. No way around it. I learned to curse as a youngster from the best. In Okinawa our lives centered around military culture. I saw the film “Top Gun” at the height of … Continue reading

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10 shalls to Putting the Fun in Fundraising.

Fundraisers are an overly serious and no fun bunch, too often. An absence of humor is sadly lacking in our non-profit endeavors, and scarce of late in our civic life. Last year was almost entirely humorless, overly full of moral … Continue reading

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Should Fundraisers be Board Members?

This is for my Fellow Fundraisers. Nobody in the Verse frets over Board Members and their frailties like the Fundraisers I know. No one. Those Things They promised to do, Refused To Do, said They Would Do and Forgot About. … Continue reading

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Call in The Bobs. Six Times to Hire Fundraising Consultants.

One of my favorite clients over the past couple of years has an energetic board leader who calls me and Bob Swaney The Bobs, a reference to a masterpiece of cinema, Office Space. If you haven’t seen that film in … Continue reading

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Real Talk: Three Questions for us Board Members.

Swapping hats from consulting for a moment, this post is for my fellow board members. You know who you are. Non-profit leaders work tirelessly to activate us to our potential. Books are written. Seminars are developed. Consultants are engaged. But … Continue reading

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