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Raise Cash. Save Lives. Embrace the Major Gifts Buddy System.

I was with a non-profit Executive Director not too long ago, who had this observation about building relationships with the organization’s key supporters, “I feel strongly that fundraising staff shouldn’t meet with our biggest donors, since they won’t stay around … Continue reading

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2016. Travel Postcards From an Unsettled America.

What can be said about 2016? A look back at another year of Traveling, Consulting, and Writing in the Americas: The signs for a challenging 2016 were evident in early January, when I was very nearly struck by a fast … Continue reading

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Are you Happy?

I returned from a perspective expanding journey to India recently, and a week later remain jetlagged and somewhat unsettled by the quiet and orderly United States. Better writers have attempted to describe the experience of contemporary India, a singularly diverse … Continue reading

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What the 317 Needs & The Guys we Need to Do It.

I was in Louisville recently for the mighty Forecastle Festival and it was a terrific three days of fun. I attend one of these festivals every year and, as always, spent money like a foreign tourist, stayed at the amazing … Continue reading

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An Intermission Kiss Cam? Sponsorship Sales Lessons from the Minor Leagues

I am often asked for assistance in finding just the right sort of sponsorship sales manager for performing arts and non-profit organizations. More than any other fundraising position, this is the most like straight sales, the most outwardly focused. It … Continue reading

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Letting it Go is easiest on Vacation (Neo Con edition).

My politics are fairly moderate, being an economic centrist and a social progressive. In 2008 I, like many of my fellow Hoosiers in Indiana, voted to reelect Mitch Daniels while also picking Obama, who became the first Democrat to win … Continue reading

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Ireland to Memphis to Argentina: Postcards from the 117 flights of 2014.

This gallery contains 11 photos.

117 Plane Rides, a new personal best. Or worst? Squashed into the window by a 350 lb Jabba with BO, hassled, sneezed upon, stranded more than once. But it was Beautiful, this year in the Sky. When people ask me … Continue reading

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Bearded Boys in Strappy Tops: (Loving) a Millennial World.

In my City the last few years have been magical – our once static downtown genuinely hopping and the neighborhoods all over the city becoming vibrant, bike friendly, alive. This transformation has picked momentum as the town fills with young … Continue reading

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Snark and the Modern Gentleman.

Not too long ago an organization where I once worked had an amazingly bad PR day, partially deserved by a determined pattern of hubris, but nevertheless unfortunate, brought to life on A1 of our local Daily. I was so amused … Continue reading

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Ice Bucket Fundraising: The Good, The Bad and the Viral Sublime.

Raising funds is an extraordinarily difficult task and there are no guaranteed shortcuts to catching the imagination of the public. Ours is a crowded field with a great many worth causes, smart non-profit leaders and a wary public. Case development, … Continue reading

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