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The Seven Virtues of High Achieving Fundraising Shops

I got to spend time in Omaha this week, one of America’s great philanthropic cities, and was happily reminded of the force for good that is a high functioning fundraising department. Show me a focused group of professionals devoted to … Continue reading

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(Fundraising) Staff Retention Made Easy.

Those of us who got to go to college have it pretty well off in the United States these days, with unemployment levels for graduates holding at less than 3%, which is to say full employment, or pretty close. Listening to … Continue reading

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All the Bosses. The Difficult Truth of Non-profit Turnover.

I grew up in the military. This has meant a lasting (for a degenerate liberal) respect for our Armed Forces and no forgiveness in my heart for leaders who send our soldiers abroad for folly. I cut the grass and … Continue reading

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Practical Dating and Tax Advice for the Young Fellows.

Despite my best intentions, thoughtful consideration, emotional IQ, and diverse network I am a lousy matchmaker. The few times I’ve introduced people have generally led to a, “What were you thinking, setting me up with someone who hasn’t been to … Continue reading

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Should Fundraisers be Board Members?

This is for my Fellow Fundraisers. Nobody in the Verse frets over Board Members and their frailties like the Fundraisers I know. No one. Those Things They promised to do, Refused To Do, said They Would Do and Forgot About. … Continue reading

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