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Some Concerns about Facebook’s Donation Platform.

This new thing is showing up on my FB feed. It looks like a happy thing, should be a happy thing. My friends asking their friends to donate to non-profits. For things that matter. For birthdays. For legitimate organizations, vital … Continue reading

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The One Hour (daily) Fundraising Challenge

I was in Nebraska this week, with one of my favorite all time clients, and where the Marketing department is working hard to secure subscription renewals for next season. All day long, on the phone, one relationship at a time, … Continue reading

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The Seven Virtues of High Achieving Fundraising Shops

I got to spend time in Omaha this week, one of America’s great philanthropic cities, and was happily reminded of the force for good that is a high functioning fundraising department. Show me a focused group of professionals devoted to … Continue reading

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Internal Efficiencies & Tragic Fundraising Communication.

I love fundraising samples from organizations, good and bad. For years I kept every solicitation in an overflowing folder, until finally paying someone to scan them for use in an Annual Fund course I taught at Indiana University. The poor … Continue reading

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(Fundraising) Staff Retention Made Easy.

Those of us who got to go to college have it pretty well off in the United States these days, with unemployment levels for graduates holding at less than 3%, which is to say full employment, or pretty close. Listening to … Continue reading

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Love, Humility, Fire. The Fundraiser’s Heart.

I interview many potential candidates for fundraising positions, particularly early to mid-career professionals. We are very much in a seller’s market these days for talent. Good for employees. Challenging for employers. So I tend to favor younger professionals, on the way … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Ignore Your Lapsed Donors.

Want to do better in your fundraising? Get to know the peeps at Bloomerang, purveyors of revolutionary software that affordably and elegantly delivers much needed solutions to our business: tracking and reporting donor data and engagement. I love these guys. … Continue reading

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