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2016. Travel Postcards From an Unsettled America.

What can be said about 2016? A look back at another year of Traveling, Consulting, and Writing in the Americas: The signs for a challenging 2016 were evident in early January, when I was very nearly struck by a fast … Continue reading

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3 Continents. 2 7th Wonders. 1 Delta Porsche. Postcards from the 168 Flights of 2015. 

Another lively year of work travel and a record 168 airplane rides, three continents, and far too many airport turkey wraps to mention. 2015 was a trip to India, perspective changing and overwhelming to the senses. The joy of travel is to … Continue reading

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Are you Happy?

I returned from a perspective expanding journey to India recently, and a week later remain jetlagged and somewhat unsettled by the quiet and orderly United States. Better writers have attempted to describe the experience of contemporary India, a singularly diverse … Continue reading

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Indiana. A Defense.

Of course this whole hot mess is President Obama’s fault. 2008 was the first time since Lyndon Johnson that a Democrat took Indiana. By running here, by showing up, by playing the ground game county by county, the President won … Continue reading

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Letting it Go is easiest on Vacation (Neo Con edition).

My politics are fairly moderate, being an economic centrist and a social progressive. In 2008 I, like many of my fellow Hoosiers in Indiana, voted to reelect Mitch Daniels while also picking Obama, who became the first Democrat to win … Continue reading

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Practical Dating and Tax Advice for the Young Fellows.

Despite my best intentions, thoughtful consideration, emotional IQ, and diverse network I am a lousy matchmaker. The few times I’ve introduced people have generally led to a, “What were you thinking, setting me up with someone who hasn’t been to … Continue reading

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Shut the Front Door: Profanity, Teamwork and Accomplishment

I grew up with Marines and then Stagehands. No way around it. I learned to curse as a youngster from the best. In Okinawa our lives centered around military culture. I saw the film “Top Gun” at the height of … Continue reading

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Ireland to Memphis to Argentina: Postcards from the 117 flights of 2014.

This gallery contains 11 photos.

117 Plane Rides, a new personal best. Or worst? Squashed into the window by a 350 lb Jabba with BO, hassled, sneezed upon, stranded more than once. But it was Beautiful, this year in the Sky. When people ask me … Continue reading

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