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Our Biggest Fundraising Challenge? Following Up.

What is the magic in fundraising? Those times when the strongest connections are made, the right donor at the right time to the right project. But it is awfully hard to get there. We can all recognize those moments: the backstage … Continue reading

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Smoldering Piles: Will Philanthropy Survive the 2016 Election?

Will America recover from this election? Whatever the result, there will be lasting impact to our society, as actual American Nazis, misogynists, and bigots of every persuasion have crawled out of their bunkers for a public hearing. This has damaged … Continue reading

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The Seven Virtues of High Achieving Fundraising Shops

I got to spend time in Omaha this week, one of America’s great philanthropic cities, and was happily reminded of the force for good that is a high functioning fundraising department. Show me a focused group of professionals devoted to … Continue reading

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Internal Efficiencies & Tragic Fundraising Communication.

I love fundraising samples from organizations, good and bad. For years I kept every solicitation in an overflowing folder, until finally paying someone to scan them for use in an Annual Fund course I taught at Indiana University. The poor … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Ignore Your Lapsed Donors.

Want to do better in your fundraising? Get to know the peeps at Bloomerang, purveyors of revolutionary software that affordably and elegantly delivers much needed solutions to our business: tracking and reporting donor data and engagement. I love these guys. … Continue reading

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Your Incremental (fundraising) Resolutions.

I am going to run a half marathon this year. There are myriad challenges ahead (exercising on the road, approaching middle age, a deep personal commitment to fried chicken) but I’ve done it before, and so I know to view … Continue reading

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When fundraisers Blow It. 

I often query fundraising candidates with, “Describe a time where you blew it with a donor.” It is a telling response when the candidate cannot immediately point to a specific time where she made a mess of a solicitation or relationship with a … Continue reading

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