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#Inspiration in Baltimore.

Not to long ago an arts administrator colleague of mine described engagement i  the community this way, “If your concert hall burned down, how would you reach the community for the year or two it took to replace it? That’s … Continue reading

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The Ugly Baby. Truth About Your Sponsorship Recognition

The Arts are a terrific opportunity for corporate involvement: access to artists and VIPS, exposure to a well-educated (and generally wealthy) demographic, hospitality for both customers and employees. In terms of return on investment corporate sponsorship is just about the most … Continue reading

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Selfie Town: Music Fest Lessons for The Swanky Arts.

For the past 10 years I’ve attended a summer music festival annually, replacing the great many rock shows I used to know with a single weekend in the sun. I’ve been all over including Las Vegas, New Orleans, upstate New … Continue reading

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Should Fundraisers Drive Nice Cars?

Like many American lads I truly entered adulthood after 30, an extended adolescence that included a run as a stagehand, nearly four wonderful years of grad school, and sailboat summers on Lake Monroe in Bloomington, Indiana. We don’t expect our … Continue reading

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On Opera.

As much as one can say so in the state of Indiana, I grew up in the Opera. After the injustice of high school, I enrolled as an eager young freshman at Indiana University, one of the largest colleges in … Continue reading

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More Fun. More Sharing. No auction: Gala tips from a Two Tuxedo Skeptic.

Most of our non-profit fundraising galas are tepid and uninspired affairs. Start with the low quality beverages and uninteresting hors d’oeuvres of a cocktail hour of milling about tables of so-so auction items. Move on to an overcooked filet with … Continue reading

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On Giving and Getting

I serve on the board of a young performing arts organization that Can, the Indianapolis Fringe. Now in our 9th year we’ve done amazing things, including purchasing our own building while rapidly growing our August Festival year after year. We … Continue reading

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1st and 10 at the start of the 4th Quarter. Are you ready for some Foot—I mean Fundraising?

Summertime is no good. At all. Not for work at least, or anything resembling productive output or that involves a deadline. No truly productive work gets done though we go through the motions at the office. Vacations, bocce, hanging around, … Continue reading

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Season Tickets – Yummy and Good for You. Like Kale.

In my hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana I am not currently a subscriber to anything but the New Yorker and cable television—not the Indianapolis Repertory Theatre, or the opera, nor baseball, basketball or football teams (the sports guys call those program … Continue reading

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Leave your iphone in your pants (at the show).

I travel for a living. I take a lot of pictures with my iphone – of places I visit, of beautiful things, of sunsets, of tasty barbecue (a life quest is the perfect plate of pulled pork). My business partner … Continue reading

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