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Hitting the Bullseye. On Preparation.

At breakfast in a hotel lobby not long ago, I watched a CEO, a sales director, and a project manager talk through the day ahead over oatmeal and watery coffee. Traveling alone most of the time, I am always interested … Continue reading

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Be the Asker. Seek the Connector.

Among the many daily challenges for the modern Development department is the care and feeding of fundraising volunteers. “Challenge”, though, does not even begin to describe the difficulty in recruiting, training, tasking, and stewarding the precious few souls willing and … Continue reading

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Practical Dating and Tax Advice for the Young Fellows.

Despite my best intentions, thoughtful consideration, emotional IQ, and diverse network I am a lousy matchmaker. The few times I’ve introduced people have generally led to a, “What were you thinking, setting me up with someone who hasn’t been to … Continue reading

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On Giving and Getting

I serve on the board of a young performing arts organization that Can, the Indianapolis Fringe. Now in our 9th year we’ve done amazing things, including purchasing our own building while rapidly growing our August Festival year after year. We … Continue reading

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