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Your Online Giving Page Makes Me Sad.

I read every darn direct mail solicitation that is delivered to my home mail box, but more and more I make my gifts online, even in response to a traditional written letter. I find it less trouble not to fool … Continue reading

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“I did a little work with those guys.” Gigging Our Fundraising Future

My father worked as a Civil Servant for 30+ years, retiring with a full monthly pension after a one employer career, grinding it out every darn day at a clunky desk and sad overhead lighting. On Fridays, he would treat … Continue reading

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Some Concerns about Facebook’s Donation Platform.

This new thing is showing up on my FB feed. It looks like a happy thing, should be a happy thing. My friends asking their friends to donate to non-profits. For things that matter. For birthdays. For legitimate organizations, vital … Continue reading

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Call your Granny. Don’t Be an Ingrate (Fundraiser).

The good folks at Bloomerang conducted a brilliant little experiment recently, making $5 online contributions to 50 Indianapolis area non-profit organizations to see how they would be acknowledged and engaged as new donors. They produced, without comment or analysis, a … Continue reading

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